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SONY SVE14118FXP (ver. 2.­4.­2.­02200) PE SELF-EXTRACTING выпущен 2012.09.12.

Файл скачан 0 раз и просмотрен 207 раз.

Категория Ноутбуки
Бренд SONY
Устройство SVE14118FXP
Операционные системы Windows 7 64-bit
Версия 2.­4.­2.­02200
Размер файла 34.56 Mb
Выпущен 2012.09.12
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VAIO Gate Software Update for SONY SVE14118FXP This utility updates the VAIO Gate software to version 2.­4.­2.­02200 and provides the following: New Features: Items can now be placed into VAIO Gate using the right-click button of the mouse or touchpad Adds the VAIO Gate Introduction /­ Information screen Adds the Message Viewer option Adds configuration support for RSS feeds Adds new font size settings Adds the Tooltips feature Resolves the following issues: Windows® Explorer stops responding when attempting to right-click the Recycle Bin A black or white screen may occur after refreshing the VAIO Gate window Music and picture file ratings can now be saved in Windows Explorer Improvements: Overall application performance The item drop feature of the VAIO Gate application has been improved

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